Monday, October 25, 2010

Salt Lake Certified Nurse Aide Classes

Utah CNA class
Carol started teaching nurse aides in 1991 as a clinical instructor for Woods Cross High School. In 1995 when FHP hospital closed its doors Pioneer Valley Hospital was assimilating their employees and needed staff trained as aides. Because Carol had a background of teaching aides she was asked to arrange a class. Carol acquired the mandatory state education and began teaching C.N.A. courses. Life was so simple then!

After teaching the classes requested by the hospital Carol didn’t give much thought to C.N.A. education until nursing homes started calling her requesting classes. She went around the valley teaching classes at nursing homes, carrying all the supplies in the back of her Nissan hatch back. As time went on she started teaching classes on site at Pioneer Valley Hospital. She was teaching one class every other month. In 1999 she asked Claudia if she wanted to help teach classes. Around 2002 classes started to pick up in frequency and the number of students attending. In 2003 ccCNA was official created. We moved to the old Doxey Hatch building across from St Marks. In 2005 we moved to Sugar House across from the library. That building was torn down in 2007. We spent another year in Sugar House before moving to West Jordan in 2008. A class that at one time was taught with the contents from the back of a car now takes three classrooms to contain!

Over the years Carol and Claudia have taught thousands of students. One of the most asked questions is “don’t you get tired of teaching the same thing?” The answer is “no, like a snow flake every class is different.” While the content is the same the classroom dynamics are always changing. It’s always a new and unique combination of individuals. They are constantly updating our materials and the way we teach in an effort to improve the quality of education we provide and the pass rate of our students.

Carol and Claudia are proud to have been the stepping stone for hundreds of nurses in the valley as well as doctors, respiratory therapist, physical therapist and other healthcare professionals. They hope to keep teaching long past the time most people retire.

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  1. Hey students if your looking for work as a CNA even if you do not have your certificate yet they will hire you,they will give you 3 months to get certified.If your certified they will pay you $10.00 an hr or $9.50 if your not certified.I heard they are looking for weekend graveyard shift possibly more,its a great place to get a started.The number to call 801-943-3909
    ask for Kevin he gave me my start when no one else would.