Sunday, December 4, 2011

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If we had a dollar every time we heard or read the question “Is the CNA test hard”, we’d be rolling in the dough. That bit of metaphor aside, many people planning to take the CNA examination are worried about how challenging it is. Think of it this way: it is an exam meant to identify which individuals are fit to provide assistance to nurses in America – a country with some of the strictest health service regulations in the world. Of course there is a certain level of stringency. Instead of asking whether the CNA exam is difficult, why not take steps to make things easier for yourself?

Your first and foremost guide to the exam will be your examinee handbook. We give you a copy in class and it is available at This is your primer to everything about the exam – in fact the only thing it does not cover is the actual set of questions in the exam. Read through it, and read it again, then read it one more time to be sure. If you do not understand something ask us BEFORE you take the test.

There are sites through out the state to take your test at. Where you take your test depends on where you live. If you are in a hurry to take the test you may want to call around and see who has the soonest openings. It is a good idea to actually go to your chosen CNA exam at least once before the exam date, so you can get the location fixed in your mind, and also to look around to get a feel for the place.

Prepare a small pouch or bag containing all the required materials – IDs, pencils, eraser, watch with a second hand. Do not open this pouch or bag except to check if everything is there. Bring only this pouch and your examination identification papers to the venue. Do not bring a large bag or any reference materials or study aids. These will be confiscated and returned only after the test concludes.

Of course, we cannot overlook the most obvious way to make things easier for yourself. Prepare yourself mentally and psychologically for the CNA examination. Review your lessons, practice your hands-on skills, and try to cultivate a state of calm, clear, and critical thought and action.

Don’t make the mistake of eating a very heavy meal before the examination, or anything very greasy either. These might make you feel drowsy or unable to concentrate – or worse might cause some bowel trouble. Also avoid drinking too much before the exam so you don’t have to excuse yourself for toilet breaks.

Waiting for your CNA exam results does not have to be a period of trepidation. Like the nursing examination test and other professional tests, these take time to collate and check. The CNA exam is over, and your worrying won’t change the results. Just relax and be patient. It takes about two weeks to get your results in the mail. They may be posted on the state website before you actually get your results.

Good luck all!

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