Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beginning and Ending procedures set to music

I do not know what student wrote this. I found them handwritten on the desk. Very cute, whoever the author is.
Ending Procedures
To the tune of “This Old Man”
Prop them up
Put bed down
Call cord, water and the phone
Put the side rail up and lock the bed in place check the rugs and empty the waste

Open the drapes
Care for stuff
Can never wash your hands enough
Bring the family back
And tell the nurse you’re done
Charting’s always so much fun

Beginning Procedures 
To the tune of "If you’re happy and you know it"
Wash your hands
And then everything you need
Then knock and wait then proceed
State your name and ask the theirs
Kick their friends out of the chairs
And then pull the curtain, privacy indeed

Then explain what you’ll be doing face to face
Say it slowly clearly, ask if it’s ok
And then ask them to please help you
Have them do all that they can do
Raise the bed so that your spine won’t be erased

Here's one of our students singing the song

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