Monday, March 28, 2016



The nation’s largest and most respected humanitarian organization needs Part-Time Phlebotomist to fulfill our life-saving mission. 

As a Part-Time Phlebotomist, you will collect over 5.3 million units of blood annually, and the need continues to grow. From setting up blood collection equipment at work sites, to drawing blood from donors, as a phlebotomist with the American Red Cross you will work all aspects of blood drives at schools, offices & churches throughout Salt Lake County and the surrounding areas.

By successfully working with your team and department, you will improve our blood donor experience and increase the availability of blood products—literally saving lives across the nation!

  • $12.27 per hour, or even more based on your abilities! 
  • Unlimited opportunities for career growth, and team spirit that only the American Red Cross can provide! 
  • Part-time positions that work a minimum of 20 hours per week are also eligible for health benefits, part-time PTO accrual, part-time holiday accrual, and a 401k savings program.


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