Thursday, May 3, 2012

What the heck

Salt Lake woman buys cocaine-tainted tampons
A Salt Lake City woman got more than she bargained for when she opened her box of tampons.
Police Detective Carlie Wiechman said that earlier this week the woman found that someone had removed many of the tampons and shoved baggies full of cocaine into the cardboard applicators.
The woman immediately called police, who brought in a hazardous material team that determined the white powdery substance was, in fact, cocaine.
Wiechman said detectives aren’t releasing the name of local business where the lady purchased the cocaine-tainted tampons because the investigation is still ongoing. She also said police were withholding how much cocaine was inside the box, but noted multiple tampons had been tampered with.
She said the box apparently didn’t look like it had been tampered before the woman purchased it.
“It’s weird,” Wiechman said. “It’s not something we’ve seen a ton of.”
She said if anyone buys a product that appears to have been tampered with — particularly a healthcare item — they should call the police.

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