Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Woodland Park

   If you wanted to post a position on your job board or on your facbook account that would be great. We have full and part time positions available for almost all shifts. We have an incentive program to come work with us. After 90 days they will receive $300 and 60 days after that they will receive an additional $200. Or if they prefer, we can just sponser their CNA program with you.

We love our CNA's and we completly appreciate how they are the backbone of any facility. We are flexible with vacations and school schedules. Our mentality is that if our staff is happy, then they will perform better and the residents are the benefactors. We love what we do at Woodland Park and are very excited to have your students as candidates with us.

If anyone would like to schedule and interview. They can text me and we can set up an appointment. I respond to calls but I am in and out of meetings all day and I check my texts frequently.

Victor Armenta RN ADON


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