Friday, September 2, 2016

UNAR's new policy for renewal and expiration

UTAH NURSING ASSISTANT REGISTRY 550 East 300 South Kaysville, Utah 84037 Phone: (801) 547-9947 website: Expired CNA policy change update August 18, 2016 Nursing assistants with expired certificates may recertify for up to 1 year after expiration as follows:  6 months or less they can submit their renewal application that includes the signature of a licensed nurse who has verified that they have worked a minimum of 200 hours along with a $10 late fee for each month late.  6 to 12 months they can recertify by passing both the written and skills state certification exams on the first attempt. They have up to 3 attempts to pass in the 12 month period.* *This change allowing for up to 3 attempts to pass conflicts with current Utah Administrative Code and therefore cannot be put into practice. Expired CNA’s are currently given only 1 attempt to bass both the written and skills exams.

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