Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Classroom

We've moved the business to Midvale. Tomorrow is our first class in the new building. We have three separate classrooms in one building, two offices, testing room and a break room. We are excited. We didn't finish our lease at the old classroom. The building was foreclosed on so it was a good time to leave. Our last Monday at the classroom they found a body next to our dumpster. It was a drug addicted woman who would hang around the building panhandling. Sad. Hopefully, our new building is a nicer shopping center. It does have a Hooters in the parking lot which is not real classy but everyone knows where the building is when you say Hooters:)
Don doing the speakers and projector in yet ANOTHER classroom.

AJ, Steph and Sean hanging out while Don works.

We are right next to Frenze. We are waiting for the permit from the city to put our sign up.