Monday, April 16, 2012

Utah CNA Schools A common question

I get asked all the time what I think about the for profit nursing programs that have proliferated around the valley. I really don't have an opinion about specific programs. I would however advise you to make your continuing education decisions wisely taking all aspects of your education into consideration. Please look at the pass rates for any programs you are considering. I've posted the link below.

The other aspect to consider is money. Please read the previous post on this blog. It is an article from the Salt Lake Tribune regarding the cost of education. If you take out loans for your education they don't go away. You cannot take out bankruptcy on them. If you don't finish school you will still owe the money. If you don't get a job you will still owe the money. If you don't pass your nursing boards you will still owe the money.

My advice is ask lots of questions and think long and hard about the school you choose to attend because if you borrow money it is a decision you are going to live with a long time.

I sure am glad I'm done with college and don't have to make these decisions. Good luck everyone.
For those of you looking at RN programs you might want to check out the NCLEX pass rates cause if you don't pass the NCLEX you won't be a nurse even if you graduate from school.

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