Thursday, April 5, 2012

Utah CNA student (Thank you note)

So, I don't really know what to tell you about me but I will tell you why I wanted to go into medical field.

I didn't want to be a CNA always at first I wanted to be a Vet technician 19.00 dollars an hour, who wouldn't.
My first experience in a nursing home was beehive home in South Jordan by Bingham high school, My great grandpa Claude Bell was there.
There were about 10 residents, 2 people I wasn't sure who was the RN or CNA, if there was a RN maybe not.

Anyways, they left my grandpa alone in a dark room blinds were always shut. Never really understood.

I guess at that point not knowing what I do now, that was normal. Long story short. He died there at 92 yrs age.

I remember one thing about my grandpa " Wee Wee said the little Bumblebee."

I want to make a difference.
Everything about abuse to elderly people or even children, it hurts.
I know how it feels, and the last thing I would want to do is put someone else through that.

I have tattoos each of them ARE apart of something tremendous to something simple but yet symbolic.
Parents tattooed on the shoulders. To remind even though they are alive but I mean when they leave,

they are always with me. :) my dads is a guitar with his name really rough edge kinda thing, he is a metal head.
My mom's is in calligraphy writing to promote the graceful yet sometimes confusing person.

the roses on my wrist is a cover up of a name, the thorn of the rose where in order to get a rose you need to let it grow,
mature then you get a blossomed Rose.

the heart on the other side is pretty much the greatest day of my life it was a hemp tattoo, I got it with my mom and 2 sisters

at the women's convention in Sandy. It was a fun experience.

the stars on my leg is pretty much for myself I am a star in my eyes maybe someday to someone else Plus I have 5 people

in my family not including in laws, immediate family yes. :) there are 5 stars and that represents my family as well.

I loved doing my Clinicals @ Sandy regional and St. Joseph Villa. I meant some really amazing people. My CNA's were incredible.
A man talked about his wife whom passed 3 days before I was there, I sat at his lunch table and I sat in his room with my CNA listening.

He had no sense of life, I knew that if he had passed that moment he would be better and happier then he was, he wanted, missed his wife.

Another story a lady I watched her @ breakfast, she wasn't able to eat on her own. I didn't see her till lunch, I help her eat.

I was putting a spoon up to her mouth and she took it from me, she started eating herself. She kept telling me she wanted to just go home,
why won't them just let me go home.

First clinical was very emotional roller coaster I guess you would say, I was happy at times and others I felt as if I couldn't do anything.

Second clinical I really didn't show the sadness I went, more confident then the first clinical. I knew how to handle certain situations better this time.

I won't forget either Clinicals, cause it was a sense of accomplishment for me. Accomplishment that on the
1st clinical a lady I gave a shower to said to me, they don't listen to us.

2nd I felt home... And at that moment I realized this is what I want to do!

From my background that felt amazing. to finally know what I wanted to do and Finally go for a career that I absolutely can't see myself NOT doing.

And I thank you Carol & Claudia and Linda And all of you at CCCNA for helping me.

I'm the first one to further my education past highschool withing of getting out of highschool.

All of you have made my dream come true. :)

I WILL be a CNA that will listen, care, be there, but also take full advantage of what you all have taught me.

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