Monday, April 9, 2012

Note from Utah Nurse Aide Registry

Good Afternoon! Hopefully your Easter Holiday was great! We are receiving an extraordinary amount of calls from students stating that they were told that they would see their results online in 48 hours or that they would know in 2-3 days or any other amount of time.

We would like you, as testers and teachers to please just tell them that they will receive their results from the Registry in the mail. Do not tell them that they can check online, because as soon as they see they are not on there, they call us. Do not tell them 3-5 days or 5-7 or 8-10 days.

Tell them that the Registry will not take any calls regarding test results or certification. If they call us, it will slow the process down. As you know, our turnaround on everything is very quick; the candidate will be surprised…

Please tell them we will send the results out as fast as we can.

Thank you!!

Utah Nursing Assistant Registry Director

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