Monday, July 29, 2013

Tube Feeding test questions

These are test questions regarding tube feedings:
1.      When caring for a resident with a feeding tube, the CNA should elevate the HOB at least 45 degrees during feeding
2.      When a resident’s gastric infusion pump is alarming the CNA should notify the nurse
3.      A resident with continuous tube feeding should be positioned with the head of bed elevated
4.      Mrs green has just had her tube feeding and she wants her HOB down, the CNA should leave the HOB up for one hour
5.      Resident’s with tube feedings require frequent oral hygiene
6.      The CNA’s role in caring for a resident with a tube feeding is to observe for kinks in the tubing
7.      CNA’s role is to keep the HOB elevated after a tube feeding according to the charge nurse’s instruction
8.      The role and responsibility of the CNA when caring for a resident who is on tube feeding would include using extreme care when repositioning the resident

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