Friday, February 22, 2013


The Beijing Trader hotel is a very nice hotel. In the information it said breakfast was included in our stay. I was expecting a continental breakfast like you get at a Best Western in the U.S. This breakfast was like no other breakfast I've ever had.

Sean can't wait to get up in the morning and go to his favorite restaurant. He tried lots of different foods. He said he didn't like seaweed until he heard Ella (another little girl there) say she loved it.
It was interesting Sean realizing our relationship with all the people in our tour group was short lived. When we said goodbye to Ella and Jim (our tour guide) Sean said "I will never see them again." We told him he was probably right but who knows. When he is older he can exchange email addresses with friends but five is a little young for that.

The walls in the restaurant. I thought it would make a great food storage decorative wall. Don said "that food is not for eating" I said "that's beside the point, it looks good and it's useful."

Steamed bread, some plain some stuffed with meat, bean paste or vegetables. So yummy.

A miso soup bar. Who knew such a thing existed.

Row after row of western and Chinese food.

Spreading the bean paste on to the dough.
I will miss these breakfast!!! I will probably dream about them.

Yes, I am smiling. No, I won't be smiling when I look at the scale.

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