Friday, February 22, 2013


We figured Sean would lose his first tooth in China. Don looked up Chinese tradition for lost teeth. If the tooth is a top tooth you bury it so it will grow up straight. If it is a bottom tooth you throw it on a roof top so it will grow up straight. We talked to a couple of Chinese people who had never heard of this tradition. WHAT, we read it on the Internet how can it not be true. Oh well, we liked the idea so we went with it. Sean now plans to bury or throw all his baby teeth. It's a much cooler concept then a fairy sneaking in your room and slipping money under your pillow. That's just scarey.

Sean went to sleep with all his teeth but when he woke up one of them was missing. His tooth was literally lost. We looked through all his blankets.
Eventually I found his tooth on the floor next to his bed.

We didn't have a roof to throw the tooth on as we are staying in a high rise hotel. We were at the Buddhist Temple in Beijing and Sean threw his lost tooth up on an alter. It made for a unique lost first tooth experience. I'm not sure how the monks would feel about us paying homage to Buddah with a lost tooth but it seemed like the thing to do.

I bet no other kid in Centerville got to do that. Pretty cool stuff.

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