Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm not even sure where we went this day all I know is it was cold and miserable. So cold that the second stop we stayed in the bus and skipped whatever site the rest of the group was seeing. While sitting in the bus we spied a McDonald's which was good because in addition to being bone numbing cold the food we had for lunch was bad. humorously bad, they just kept bringing us plate after plate of dumplings. We were all laughing so hard. It was a memorable lunch. Our tour guide said it was a famous dumpling house and dumpings are part of the New Year festival. No one in the group will ever look at a Chinese dumpling without thinking about that lunch. They even had a dumpling stuffed with tomato's and eggs. There is a Pizza Hut, KFC and 7-11 every other block in this town. McDonald's had fried chicken and fried rice other than that it was the same. The McDonald's did have a squatty potty. That made me laugh. They call New Years, the spring festival. I thinks it's a premature spring festvial cause dang it is COLD! The air was good while we there so the mask are purely for warmth. We were worried about the air and came prepared but it was not a problem. The air was about the same as it is in Utah. That's not a complement to China's air.

Sean, running for the arches!! "Do they have happy meals?"

We visited a market where you had to argue over prices. I don't like shopping so shopping and having to haggle for prices is really not my idea of a good time. I did get some cute baby clothes.
I think this place was called the Temple to Heaven. This is where we froze. Everyone on the tour said this was a miserable day.
We were very happy to get back to

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