Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Mother’s Love

I went to a funeral yesterday for a ten year old boy named Dioni Gonzalez. Dioni died in his sleep and neither the doctors nor the medical examiner can tell the family why. He was the baby in his family and his passing has left a hole in the hearts and lives of his family that will not heal in this life. His death is a loss beyond words.

I felt honored to witness one of the most touching and beautiful display of love I have ever seen.  Dioni’s mother Frida went to the pulpit and expressed gratitude for having Dioni in her life for ten years. She said that Dioni was afraid of the dark and she would sing to him at night she said that while she didn’t have a great voice she wanted to sing for Dioni. She stood at the pulpit over her sweet little boy’s coffin and sang a lullaby.  The song was in Spanish and I did not understand the words but I felt the overwhelming love she had for her son. The memory of his mother standing in front of a group of people and singing one last lullaby to her son will stay with me forever. I am in awe of her strength and courage.

I took this picture off Dioni's Facebook

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