Friday, December 14, 2012


Skill Examination Protocol
1. Please arrive at your confirmed test site at least 10-15 minutes before your test is scheduled to start.
2. All students must wear appropriate attire to the skills test. Scrubs, hair tied back, watch on, no dangling jewelry and must have closed toes shoes.
3. Only CNA testing candidates are allowed in the testing area.
4. Exam time for skills is a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes and 40 minute maximum. 
5. Each student will be given 5 skills in a scenario and required to complete a set of Vital Signs and Hand washing.
6. The students may use calculators in the skills and written test. A calculator will be provided by the testing center.
7. Only 2 prompts (very helpful hints) from the skills examiner during the entire test.
8. After given 2 prompts, the student will be failed if they  miss another  critical point (bolded) in the skill.
9. The candidate will not be able to test if the above protocol is not followed.
10. The skills examiner is unable to disclose test results after testing is complete. All test results will be mailed.
·  The Setting
The skills evaluation is set up to resemble an actual care giving situation. It will have all the equipment necessary to perform the assigned skills.
·  The Tasks
These tasks are randomly chosen from the complete set of skill tasks listed in this handbook and given to the candidate in a scenario. Each task is one that you will be asked to perform in your job and has been broken down into a series of steps. If you do have any questions, please ask them before the skill test begins.
·  Who will be the resident?
The part of the ‘resident’ may be played by another nursing assistant candidate or by use of a mannequin. While you perform the tasks, speak to the candidate or mannequin as you would speak to an actual resident in a nursing assistant work setting. You are encouraged to speak to the candidate or mannequin, not only because it is part of quality care, but also because it will help you to relax as you perform the skill test.

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