Friday, December 7, 2012

Utah CNA practice test questions

The following are sample questions taken from a certified nurse assistant practice test packet available from the NNAAP:
Exercises that move each muscle and joint are called:
(A) adduction
(B) range of motion
(C) abduction
(D) rotation
Answer:(B) range of motion
The Heimlich maneuver (abdominal thrust) is used for a client who has:
(A) a blocked airway
(B) a bloody nose
(C) fallen out of bed
(D) impaired eyesight
Answer:(A) a blocked airway
Which of the following is a correct measurement of urinary output?
(A) 40 oz
(B) 2 cups
(C) 300 cc
(D) 1 quart
Answer:(C) 300 cc
BEFORE taking the oral temperature of a client who has just finished a cold drink, the nurse aide should wait:
(A) 10 to 20 minutes
(B) 25 to 35 minutes
(C) 45 to 55 minutes
(D) at least 1 hour
Answer:(A) 10 to 20 minutes


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