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Where do Utah CNAs Typically Work?

Where do UTAH CNAs Typically Work?

Utah Certified nursing assistants work in a variety of facilities. You can find CNAs working in:
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Home Health Care Agencies
  • Hospices
  • Hospitals
  • Surgery Centers
  • Clinics
  • Psychiatric facilities
Only nursing homes are mandated by the federal government to hire certified nurse assistants. Other facilities are not required to have any on staff and may hire nurses exclusively. While CNA certification is mandated by the Federal Government and is geared towards long term care it is the same certification that hospitals require their patient care technicians to obtain.

CNAs provide support with Activities of Daily Living in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living
 In assisted living facilities and nursing homes, nurse aides provide personal care and support with activities of daily living for residents. This includes dressing, eating, physical transfers from bed to chairs, transporting via wheelchairs, and toileting. Many residents are unable to perform these activities themselves and must rely on aides for   their basic needs.
Aides also provide emotional support and comfort to residents. Many residents suffer from anxiety, depression, and dementia's in addition to any physical limitations. Some residents may have no family and their only link to human contact is the staff  and residents in their facility. CNAs receive some training in psychology and communication during their course and will learn how to offer this support while maintaining the dignity of the resident. They also learn about HIPPA and maintaining patient confidentiality.

 CNAs by Another Name
CNAs that work at hospitals may go by a different name.  At IHC and the University of Utah they are refered to as patient care technicians.

Restrictions on Services CNAs can Provide
CNAs may not legally provide care without supervision of a nurse. Aides that advertise on websites and in local newspapers for in-home care cannot legally charge rates for CNA care or offer personal healthcare – they may only work as companions. The nurse may be either a Registered Nurse (RN)or a Licensed Practical Nurse.

What else can a CNA do?
Some hospitals train their CNAs further to work as telemetry technicians or to draw blood. These skills are taught at the facility after the aide is hired and the aide has to be certified competent by the facility and be permitted to perform the task they are trained in under the facilities policies and procedures. Some nursing homes will train aides to do restorative care or work in recreation therapy.

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