Sunday, December 16, 2012

Clinical St Joseph's Villa

I am doing clinical at St Joseph's Villa today. It is Sunday so I went to the LDS churchand in half an hour I am going to go to mass. I've been to lots of church services at hospitals and nursing homes and this was one of the best. I enjoyed how the residents participated. They had two Elders from a ward or branch prepare the sacrament and then they held a microphone for two of the residents who read the prayer. I thought that was very sweet and meaningful for the residents. It's one thing to go to church in a nursing home and listen and it's another to go and actively participate.
I liked the tags on the wheelchairs, "LDS, take me to church." Very nice. I wonder if the mass will say "Catholic, take me to church."

I was talking to a resident who was happy because one of our students did her makeup. I asked her if she'd done her fingernails and she said "no, I don't have any polish." I told her I'd bring some the next time I came and she asked when I was coming. I then went to the third floor and I smelled fingernail polish. It was one of our old students who is now an activity aide. She said she would go up the third floor and paint the other residents nails when she was done. SCORE!

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